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Blue Skies

Wisdom Comes:   A Collection of Radically Honest Essays

My second book, self-published in late November of 2022 on Amazon.

It was originally called, The Trails, but because of how I had published, with a color format and pictures, I found that I needed to redo - because the cost was on the ridiculous side and I want to be able to sell my books at really affordable prices. And no one really wants to pay to see my photos.

However, anyone who did the purchase The Trails in paperback - you now own (maybe someday?) a collector's item, since it is now out of print. 

I have only one copy myself and will be keeping it, just in case! 

Like the title says, it's a collection of essays that I started writing in September 2021 and completed in early August 2022.

Available in paperback and Kindle NOW!

Just click on the button below.


If you are looking for a signed copy of my newest paperback "Wisdom Comes", please click here.  

sun on earth's horizon

This book almost didn't happen since I wasn't sure about the format I wanted to use once Outlaw Torn was published. At least I thought I wanted to write more, because there was a lot more that I wanted to say and include in the first book, that I couldn't, or didn't.


Publishing Outlaw Torn however, had given me a nice sense of confidence about actually calling myself an author.


I started some quantum healing sessions with a beautiful being named Katrina to root out and resolve old trauma that I was aware of, but had not properly dealt with due to years of spiritual bypassing. I found that part of my process was writing about many things, and I just happened to write in the form of an essay. Then I wrote another one, and another.


I decided to write a few more, the ones that really had to be written. 

I ended with the most light-hearted of the bunch, but somehow it is the perfect energy to close the series with.  I am a really playful being and that element has to be within my writings or it's too serious, too cold. I have softened a lot since I wrote my first book, and I can really feel the difference in the two books due to this significant shift in my life, especially over the last eighteen months or so. 

Let me know what you think after you read it!

I enjoy genuinely positive feedback and criticism about where I can continue to improve. 

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