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Being Ghosted by a "Friend"

I know Life is a spontaneous unfolding.
So anything that happens, is essentially a perfect part of that unfolding.
Even if, to our very limited perspective, it is anything but perfect.
This is happening to varying degrees constantly in all of our lives, across the globe.
So when does this become personal?
Only when we mistakenly see it that way, which I have been experiencing with a certain friend of mine, and I want to write it out in such a way that it is obvious to me that I have to choose to make something personal that is just Life unfolding.

Always take the high road; it's elevated for a reason.
I also always give someone the benefit of the doubt, probably over the amount I should.
So when someone blows off an already scheduled meet-up, not even bothering with a simple text to let me know she would not be coming as we had previously arranged about a week beforehand, I was a bit taken aback, but allowed the thoughtlessness because I knew there were certain things going on with her, in fact a lot of stuff.
But I had also really been looking forward to the visit we had planned and it was disappointing to feel like she had not even bothered to either remember it at all, or to let me know earlier that she was choosing to work instead. She had texted that she was so, so, sorry and she would totally make it up to me, The slight hurt but it didn't feel personal, so I let that one slide. I mean, shit happens. I totally get it.

But there wasn't any communication after that, in fact I have never heard from her again at all and that was around three months ago. I texted her one more time several weeks after this, saying hi and asking about a favor she had been amendable to doing one of the last times we actually spoke, and giving her a few dates, letting her know it was cool to let me know later, knowing she was off on a road trip, no worries, you know? It was casual and friendly and just looking for a yes or a no response from her within a week or so I figured.

Nothing, She never replied to that text at all, which after a few weeks, left me baffled as to what had just happened. I was like, she ghosted me? What the fuck? We weren't best friends or anything, but had been building our bond for awhile and I trusted her and felt like she was an awesome person, spiritual and having a lot of integrity and I was interested in continuing to hang out and keep in touch.

So why did I make this personal, and allow it to bother me so much?

Because it hurt my feelings which ultimately triggered my personal, small self to react.
It triggered feelings of not being good enough, old trauma scars I bear,

Yet the right understanding is right there within the painful feelings.
On the other side is openness and peace knowing that everything is exactly how it should be, because the fact of it being exactly as it is, could never be wrong.
It just doesn't work that way, no matter how it seems.
This is all just an opening, an offering to deepen our love in all situations.

So, what can be done?

I can send lots of love in this situation and send spiritual blessings, wishing them only good.
I can then also disconnect from the relationship, not giving anymore energy to it in any way.
I have found this is actually important for me to do in situations like these.
That is what I did, and it mostly gave me a soft sense of completion and peace.
Writing this right now is the beautiful finishing touch to allow all of the misunderstanding to depart.

Nothing is ever personal. It's our stuff, our opportunity to dig deeper and see what's going on.
Consciousness alone is pulling the strings of these experiences, the comings and goings we are constantly experiencing in all areas of our lives, until it is finally our life itself that is going.

Wherever resistance is coming up, or personal feelings, these are our teachers and guides to some deeper understanding we have the opportunity to get through them.

Then you can feel some measure of gratitude for all the events in your lives, the comings and the goings. And no one guaranteed to us that we would be making sense out of events and other people's actions and behaviors, right?

Everything comes down to our own actions and behaviors, what essentially matters to us, what our priorities in life are. Whatever is going on in our inner world, will be reflected out into the outer world, the one we seem to spend the most time in.

That's why we meditate, to work with this inner world that we live in simultaneously to the outer one.
It's why my response to most things that I think are not right is to meditate more, and send more love out, especially to the people, places or situations that we are resisting whatever is going on.

Let's choose this elevated, higher energy every time we possibly can and experience the upward shift of expansive energy that is the result and reward.

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