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I am in the midst of a move from the apartment I have been in for over three years, which is probably the average amount of time for me to stay in one place. The area I am living in has changed so much in these years that I really cannot wait to leave and go to a much more undeveloped area, that still has whatever I need within 20 minutes.

I live in Southern California, so I am well aware that my new area will too, most likely undergo radical changes during the next several years. I am a native to California though, one who has actually lived in other states and returned, so I get it. However, it is my heartfelt opinion that we natives should have reduced rents, at least. I bet other native California's would cheer on my suggestion.

Anyway, lol, it's all part of the beginnings I find myself in the midst of at the moment.

I self-published my second non-fiction, autobiographical book, The Trails, on Amazon September 7, 2022 and with that event, it's like something shifted and I just know that I have already embarked on whatever is next in my life. I am also currently experiencing my second Saturn Return of this lifetime and at 59, I had been wondering when I would see whatever change I knew was coming.

My first Saturn Return was around my thirty year marker and was significant as fuck. I am expecting no different for the second one, you know? So something New is beginning and this blog is also a part of that fresh start I am making very consciously, instead of the opposite, the way it was in the past.

I started this blog site because I closed down my website, which I had up for over seven years, but it had become clear to me that the time had come to end it, and start something else, and in a different way.

And I have finally acknowledged myself as a writer, something I never really did much of, since I had only written one book, and it took like twenty years, so I thought it was probably a one off. I was okay with that, figuring it just rounded out my creative resume: musician, artist and writer.

What changed? I actually started writing a second book, that just took up where my first book left off, in the summer of 2001. I got a few chapters written and then lost interest in what I was doing, how I was doing it, since it was exactly like the first one. Something was off.

At least a year or two went by and then it was 2020, that unexpected year of the beginning of the pandemic. I was as traumatized as anyone going into 2021 and at some point, the urge, the need to write about a horrible experience arose and there was no backing away from it. So I wrote a longish essay about this episode and it was so deeply healing.

I had already done other things to initiate and facilitate this healing, so that helped greatly. The point is, the feeling of needing to write about that and then other things was there, pushing me to start something.

So I started writing again with another essay, and then another. I decided to post these deeply personal pieces on my website, because the need to share them, at least to put them out there fearlessly, was part of the healing too. Eventually there were seven and I saw that they would flow together, as a collection, and there was my second book, born completely organically. I loved the idea and that it was the perfect companion to my first book, yet also stands (mostly) on its own.

My third major new beginning is that I wrote an outline for a third book, and plan to start soon after I get into my new place, probably in November of 2022. I actually can't wait to get started so maybe it will be sooner. Regardless, it will take some time to complete as it's a big subject I am choosing to write about, but right up my alley. I will leave it at that!

Thanks for reading my first blog!! See you soon Xx

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