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Outlaw Torn: Between Punk Rock and a Hard Place

My first book, self-published in 2018 on Amazon. 

My early life story in a mostly no holds barred manner - you can read the description on Amazon once you click the button below.

Available in paperback or Kindle.


This book was a side project of mine for almost twenty years, and there were good stretches of time that I was really into it and wrote, but there were also the long periods of time where I simply didn't care about sharing my story and could not make myself finish. I also never thought of myself as a writer, much less an author.


Parts of it were almost pornographic however, and when I finally completed what I wanted to say, it was way too long, a bit bloated if you will.  I was working with a publisher from Rare Bird who read the first finished manuscript and liked my story, was interested in putting it out, but I felt like it would still be someone else's book and the final product would be up to them, and not necessarily to me. So I thanked him and did not pursue anything with them again.


Instead, I started an aggressive edit to my manuscript and got rid of things that were not necessarily needed, cleaned it up a bit for a more R rating regarding my sex life, and cut it down quite a lot, and I was happy with the result of all that work, so I got right down to the next part of my project: self-publishing on Amazon.

I had never done anything like that before, besides creating websites (sans code) and when I realized that the layout to do everything is so simple, so easy to use, I was thrilled. I got to create the layout of my book, and exactly how it would look, which I LOVE doing with websites and I really enjoyed the process with my first book.

Let me know what you think after you read it!

I enjoy genuinely positive feedback and criticism about where I can continue to improve. 

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