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Nondual Meditation and Yoga

I have been a certified Yoga instructor since Feb 2015, and I specialize in working with people who are looking to deepen their  inner world experience  by going deeper within with practices such as nondual meditation and restorative yoga , as well as Yoga Nidra. 

Nondual Meditation

Nondual meditation, also called Natural meditation or Tantric meditation is all about exploring our inner world and the very real and present experience of simply being with exactly what is going on, what is being thought and whatever feelings are appearing, without any attempt to stop, change or resist - any of it. We assist this daily spiritual practice with some specific yet gentle and easy breathwork to start and a mantra.  This is the foundation of Sadhana (spiritual work or practice) and is absolutely life-altering with a consistent practice. 

Instead of an active yoga practice, Restorative Yoga allows you to relax - deeply. By using lots of props we can open the body and hold several  of the postures for 15 minutes or more for every session.

Recommended at least once a week to decompress and destress, its a wonderful self-care practice that almost everyone can greatly benefit from.

I provide all the props needed for a wonderful, restorative session. 

Yoga Nidra is also known as Yogic Sleep, and involves laying down very still in Savasana for thirty or more minutes per session, in essence going into a very deep state of relaxation, bordering on sleep, except your awareness remains alert and present in both feeling and hearing. During a series of instructions being spoken by the facilitator, you will be instructed to go to various points in the body and visualize certain very specific images.


All of this facilitates a deep dive into our unconscious mind, where we can release deep-seated patterns while we relax and explore our inner world in yet another awesome way. 

If this sounds like exactly what you are looking for, I invite you to get in touch. 

I like to have at least one fairly in-depth conversation with you, so we can both get a feeling for how we interact and if we want to work together.  Sessions are normally held at your own home if possible, so you are as comfortable as possible and can get as much out of the session without having to commute. 

My home or even Zoom is also an option depending on your situation, proximity, etc.

None of this has anything to do with becoming part of any religion or having to believe in anything whatsoever.


Indeed, we are empowered to discover our innate freedom right here and now. 

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